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    ROCKART Asia,我们可根据您的要求和预算去设计、建造并安装主题环境,为所有旅游景点 提供咨询、可行性研究、总体规划和建造服务。我们的设计结合了创新性转换和新奇创意,以保 证每一个项目的最优质量。我们能够为所有形式的娱乐环境提供完全“成套项目”的解决方案。


    Here at ROCKART Asia, we design, build and install themed environments to your requirements and budget. We provide consul- tancy, feasibility studies, master planning, and build services for all visitor attractions. Incorporating innovative twists & ideas within our design phases, keeping quality at the forefront of each project, we are able to supply complete ‘turn-key’ solutions for all forms of entertainment environments.

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    Some of the projects we've worked on, see more in our Portfolio

    Lost Kingdom -乐园 -英国

    ROCKART花费了近一年时间现场建造这一大规模石艺主题王国, 王国内的每一条独特的轨道和区域都安置了仿制木材和金属制品, 并且受邀建造了数百平方米的压制混凝土通道横贯整个景点 。


    ROCKART spent nearly a year on site constructing the large scale rock work theming, faux wood & metalwork for each of the distict rides and areas within the kingdom.
    We were also invited to create the several hundred square metres of pressed concrete themed walkways throughout the attraction.

    Shaun The Sheep Land





    This was a sculpted rockwork build for the licensed IP Shaun the Sheep fun park. Over 500m2 of sculpted concrete were delivered for this attraction.

    Atlantis Aquarium

    在温莎乐高乐园,ROCKART为亚特兰蒂斯水族馆设计制作并安装了水箱 ,这是一个由内至外都魅力十足的主题场景。水族馆内鲨鱼和魟科鱼类景 点尤其特别,因为自然栖息地的安装必须严格按照规格以避免对野生动物 的感官造成干扰。ROCKART 以专家级要求为准,凭借丰富经验完成了 水箱以及专业娱乐设施的安装。让我们也倾力为您的乐园打造下一个自然 生态环境吧!


    ROCKART was commissioned to develop and install the beautiful internal and external theming for the Atlantis Aquarium tanks at Legoland Windsor. This shark & ray attraction was especially unique, as natural habitat installations must meet stringent specifications in order to not disturb the wildlife’s delicate sensory systems. ROCKART has an expert level of experience in completing this and other specialty installations for leisure attractions. Let us help you build your next Natural Habitat Environment.


    我们很成功地在挪威建造完成了阿德曼主题景点, 专门订做并手工制作了指示牌,同时在旁边的动物 园增加了石景以更好地完善了主题。在所有家庭娱 乐景点发展计划中,这是在未来数年中仍会继续进 行的一部分。


    On our return visit to Skanes we had great fun delivering this Aardman themed attraction. We added rockwork features to compliment our previous works here at Djurpark alongside our bespoke handcrafted signage. This is part of an ongoing attrac- tion development planned over the next several years at this beautiful family fun park.

    Lost World Golf - Stevenage

    从这一项目开始ROCKART就提供了球洞设计 咨询服务,随后受邀并建造这一个极具特色的球 场 。最具吸引力的是由英格兰萨福克—我们的英 国工作室创造的潜艇。球场内部的潜艇游客可自 由进入,主入口处潜艇即为整个景点定下基调。


    From the onset of this project ROCKART provided hole design consultation and then were invited to construct prominent elements of the course. The main playable feature of this course is the walk-in submarine, which was created at our UK Studio Workshop in Suffolk, England, alongside the main entrance submarine, which sets the tone for the attraction at the main gate.

    Jurassic Parrr - Glasgow

    ROCKART为此项目提供了创意灵感和总体规划 ,围绕着T·邦克尔教授这一人物为球场创造了 故事情节。18个球洞每一个球洞都有各自的主题 ,随之引导着比赛者将球最后击入一架坠毁的直 升机。


    ROCKART provided the creative spark and master planning for this exciting project, developing a narrative for the course that revolves around the character Professor T. Bunker. Each of the 18 holes is individually themed, with players putting balls into a real crashed helicopter.

    Motion activated sounds and lighting effects around the course, together with the animatronic effects, create a multilayered interactive experience aimed at five to twelve year old youngsters.

    Mr Mulligan's Pirate Golf - Castleford

    此项目包含设计、咨询,并为客户提供了专业建造团 队来建造这一球场。石艺的特色从壮观的球场高高延 伸到空中。


    This project involved design, consultation and a ground crew to create this course for the client. Rockwork features stretch high into the air around this spectacular course.

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